The Problem

Only recently has BC’s school curriculum and culture evolved to include a greater awareness of marginalized groups such as LGBTQ+/2S youth. But, that awareness hasn’t translated into inclusion of marginalized groups in BC’s sexual health education.

BC’s sexual health education curriculum is vague in its wording and flexible in its scope. Coupled with a lack of funding, resources, and sex education training for teachers, we’ve created a “hit or miss” culture when it comes to marginalized groups & sexual health education in BC.

The Result?

Youth account for one quarter of all reported cases of HIV, nearly half of all reported cases of gonorrhea, and over 60% of reported cases of Chlamydia in Canada.

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LGBTQ+/2S youth, those with a health condition or disability, and other marginalized groups report taking higher sexual health risks than their peers.

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All students, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or ability have the right to learn what they need in order to make safer, informed choices. Likewise, the education and information students receive must also reflect that diversity. 

We heard from more than 600 high school aged youth. What we heard is clear: too many youth in BC are not getting the sex ed they need to make informed decisions. For the full report, click here.

Take Action!
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We call on local school boards, BC’s provincial government & Canada’s federal government to implement policies that:

  • Formalize implicit inclusion of marginalized groups, including LGBTQ2 youth, in BC’s sexual health education curriculum.
  • Increase sexual health education funding, resources, and training for teachers in BC.
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